Fernanda Bastos - Plastic artist


My name is Fernanda Bastos and I would like to make a brief presentation so that you know me a little better. I am a native of São Paulo and since I was very young I live in the region of Granja Viana, located in the western portion of the capital. The city always known for being quiet and with very green, suitable for those who want to have more contact with nature. And it was in this scenario that I began to develop my work almost 20 years ago, using various supports, such as wood, pottery, bamboo, exploring colors and themes, almost always related to nature. Currently, my works can be found in decoration stores in São Paulo; Through contact with decorators; And also directly with me, here by the site or telephone. I will always be available for consultation on the phone:

(11) 9 7153-9432

Thank you for your visit!

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